How to get the most from your logo designer

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Finding somebody to take on your new logo has never been easier.

But you don’t want to place your brand in the hands of just any old designer. You want to choose somebody with the right skills, the right experience, and, just as importantly, the right attitude.

You also want to understand how to get the most out of them to ensure the project is successful and you’re delighted with the results.

Below, I’ve put together some tips for spotting the right designer for your logo design or refresh project, along with the questions you need to ask to make sure they’re the perfect fit for the job.


1) Ask them how long they’ve been designing logos for

While it’s true that there are plenty of bright young things out there with talent, experience still matters. Established companies have proved their worth by surviving in such a crowded marketplace. This means that they are not only likely to be very good at what they do, but also that they know how to meet deadlines, handle revisions, and make sure your project stays on track.


2) Ask for examples of their previous work

Any freelancer or company worth their salt should be able to provide you with a design portfolio. Looking at logos they have created for other companies should help you get a feel for their house style. Be sure to ask for more details about any companies that you do not recognise, as some designers will bolster their ‘book’ by adding fictitious company logos in amongst their real work.


3) Make sure their customer service hits the mark

The way that a designer treats prospective customers should give you a good idea of how they will behave once they get your commission. If they are tardy with their responses to your emails and phone calls before you sign an agreement, what will they be like once they’ve clinched the deal? Great customer service early on is a superb indicator as to how you will be treated once your project is underway.


Getting the most from your designer, and your logo

Be specific

Designers may be inventive, but they are not mind readers! Make sure you spend as much time as you can putting together a thorough brief so you can get your point across and leave little room for misinterpretations.


Don’t contradict yourself

Asking for two things that diametrically oppose each other will only lead to confusion. Be clear on what you’re looking for – and make sure any other team members who are involved in the design project are on the same page, too.


Explain your business well

Make sure that your designer is fully aware of your business and the problems it solves. A logo should represent what the benefits of using your company over your competitors are, so be sure to provide as much information on your products and services as possible in the project brief.


Tell them about your audience

Knowing who your audience is will help your designer create something that appeals to the people who are likely to buy from you. This is vital, as your customers are the core of your business. Yes, it’s still important that you fall in love with your final design – but your opinions aren’t as important as those of your target customers!


Think about how your company might evolve in the future

Failing to future proof your logo to the best of your ability might mean that you need to revisit the design further down the line. Let your designer know the direction your company is heading in. It’s the only way they’ll be able to create something with longevity.


Leave the designing to the designer

Although being specific about what you want is important, leaving the design stage to the designer is essential. After all, it’s what they do best, and their thought process will work far better if it is not clouded by too many questions or suggestions.

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